Planning Checklist


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Looking for a New Years Resolution - How about Peace of Mind? 
May this be the year you sit down and have the difficult conversations. Take action now, because after 25 years I cannot express to you how many times I have experienced family members say to me "I wish my father told me what he wanted,” “I wish I asked my spouse to go over this stuff with me,” “I wish my parents told me who to call." Dealing with logistical burdens at such trying times is literally unbearable for loved ones.

I implore you to put your house in order, talk to your spouse, adult children and plan for the unexpected. Share where everything is, how to access accounts, where to locate important documents and files, user names, passwords and much more. 


Getting Started: Your Checklist, then visit Detail link below


Print it out, save it to your desktop, email it to yourself, send it to your partner – whatever it takes to keep it top of mind till you make it through the list. Take it from the top, and check off as you go.


Remember:Scan it once a year to make sure everything is up to date, important details change when you marry/divorce, have children, buy a home, etc.


Major life event = recheck your checklist



Get Started: Review this document completely and keep this on file with your will and other important documents.



o  I have completed my Will and listed

§  Durable Power of Attorney for Financial and Medical, and back-up person(s)

§  Custody of child(ren) and back-up person

§  Distribution of assets and personal items


o  The will is signed, notarized, and a copy has been given to those listed.


My copy of my will is located here: ________________________________



Living Will:


o  I have completed my Living Will

§  Medical power of Attorney and back-up person

§  Advance Directives

§  Additional information and notice to your doctor

§  Discussed your wishes friends and family

§  Discussed or written down the type of funeral or memorial service you desire and any instructions about burial or cremation

§  I have considered where and how I would like to be cared for if I were terminally ill and discussed this with those closest to me


o  The living will is signed, notarized, and a copy has been given to those listed.


My copy of my living will is located here: __________________________



Life Insurance:


o  I have researched Life Insurance options and purchased the best possible plan for me and/or my family

o  I have researched Short term Disability and completed all steps

o  I have researched Long term Disability and completed all steps


A copy of my policy is located here: _____________________________





o  I have reviewed my financial situation and, if necessary, discussed this with those closest to me

o  I have completed a budget and track monthly actual costs to my budget

o  I have ______ weeks/months of expenses saved in case of accident or emergency

o  I have a plan in place to meet my goal to have _________ by this date ___________

o  I have a savings plan and/or retirement plan





o  I have listed my Personal Details out in case of emergency or some one else needs to retrieve it (passwords, contact information, accounts, etc)


A copy of my details list is located here: _____________________________


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