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Harmony Insurance Brokerage exemplifies a tradition of providing our clients with a high level of advice and service for many years. Today, Harmony's range of products and services is broader than ever.  The commitment to helping our clients preserve, protect and grow their assets has never been stronger.  With over 25 years experience in the financial services industry, Harmony Insurance Brokerage, Inc. has helped its clients with a tailored strategic approach, whereby the individual needs are considered first. We make available a wide variety of Financial and Insurance products, as well as extensive resources and services in order to always serve the best interest of our clients.

 Harmony Insurance Brokerage's success and reputation is based on our commitment to the caliber of our staff, the quality of our personal service and the results we work to achieve for our customers.  We are an independent professional organization that focuses on the client rather than a specific company or product, while maintaining a consultative approach to insurance planning and wealth management, focusing on our clients best interests. Our bright-minded professionals offer varied specialized access to services, as well as specific designations. They maintain close relationships with financial services and insurance companies to be in a position to always provide illuminated ideas and help you achieve your financial planning goals with insurance, investment, wealth, estate and legacy planning strategies. Please visit the bios for our professionals under "Advisors" where you will learn their specialties as well as their contact information and disclosures.

Never before have the financial choices facing individuals been more complicated, the problems more interrelated, the number of product choices so overwhelming and the amount of time available to address important financial choices so limited.  So much so, that its unreasonable to expect that one individual or even a single advisor has the extensive expertise necessary to provide all the answers.  Our firm was created specifically to address these issues.  

Read about our founder,  Warren Rosen here.

“Harmony Insurance Brokerage's mission is to educate, guide and inspire our clients to make important decisions with respect to the protection, preservation and transfer of their lifes work, offering advice and products that instill the confidence our clients can trust.”